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Annoying things

Yes, I realise that many of these annoying things here are very definitely first world problems, but I thought I'd share them, just to get my annoyance off my chest.
Cars coming towards me at a roundabout, and not indicating to exit, so I could have gone.In a pretty much empty car park, someone parking right next to my car, usually the driver's side, even when I've parked nowhere near the shop's main entrance.Going to take a sip of tea, to find that the mug is empty.Putting a load of laundry in the machine, turning the machine on, then turning away from the machine and realising the one thing I actually wanted to wash fell out of the basket and is currently on the kitchen floor, not being washed.Being in a long, slow-moving queue in a shop, with people who seem surprised that they have to pay when they get to the front and then spend a while rummaging in the depths of their bag for their purse, and then having another rummage for a bag.People who use about six paper tow…

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