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New passport, new possibilities.

This month I got a new passport. I've always liked getting new passports (except paying for them - ouch), there's so much possibility contained within each one.  All the pages are blank and then you start filling them in - first with the emergency contact numbers at the back, then hopefully plenty of stamps as you go travelling.
I'm quite sad to part with my most recent 'old' passport, though.  We've been to a lot of places together.  After our undergrad degrees, I went on a family holiday to the USA before heading off travelling with two friends and my then-boyfriend: over four months we went to Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.  Sooty Owl and I went to visit a friend volunteering at Sangam in India, Ben and I went to Morocco, I've also been to European destinations (sadly no stamps).  The passport has been used for multiple DBS checks, and identity checks for work.  It's given me moments of panic…

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